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Essentials in Golf Incentives, Rewards, and Gifting

Published: Apr 26, 2021

Few consumer categories went through a bigger transformation than golf as a result of the pandemic. Locked-down families went to golf courses in record numbers and brought the kids, as it was one of the only activities that remained safe. This Enterprise Engagement Alliance Zoom Show, sponsored by the Brand Media Coalition, provides the essential information incentive, rewards, recognition, and gifting planners need to get the most out of their golf programs, whether merchandise, travel, or both. ... [ read more ]

Human Capital and Enterprise Engagement Youtube Channel: 22 Sessions and Counting

Published: Apr 13, 2021

Management involved with engaging people have to be jacks of many trades -- from branding, culture, and communications to DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), innovation, and human capital analytics. In its quest to help organizations profit from the principles of Stakeholder Capitalism through an enterprise approach to engagement, the Enterprise Engagement Alliance is building a continually growing library of 30- to 60-minute panel discussions with experts at the front lines of implementing people-focused strategies. ... [ read more ]

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